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Ms. West - Grade 3
Instructor: Ms. Randall-Johnston   
Stay Connected with ClassDojo
Ms. Wing and I are using ClassDojo to keep parents in the loop this year! We will share photos from class, important updates and wonderful moments – like when students work hard and help each other. You will see the incentive points your student has earned during the week, and send/receive personal message regarding your student's work.

You can access ClassDojo from an iPhone or Andoid app on your phone or tablet, or from your laptop or desktop computer. It's free and takes under a minute to setup.

Join our class at www.classdojo.com/PAQ9AQF
Increased Reading Ability with Achieve3000
Did you know you can use Achieve3000 at home? Research show that, when used regularly, Achieve3000 increases beginning of year reading and comprehension by twice as much! (Say WhAAAT!) Ms. Wing, Ms. Van der Meij, and I are using Achieve3000 in class on Monday and Tuesday to help your child increase their reading abilities. Go to (or copy & paste this URL into your browser) http://doc.achieve3000.com/article/HomeEditionBrochure/HomeEditionBrochure.pdf
to find out how you can use Achieve3000 at home to:
- Read informational text
- Accelerate expected reading gains
- Boost high-stakes test performance
- Prepare your child for college and career.

Questions? Please hesitate to contact Ms. Wing, Ms. Van der Meij, or me here on ClassDojo or email us at
l. fasano@@eastorange.k12.nj.us
Internet Access
Parents, the East Orange School District has established numerous online services to help you help your child reach academic success. You say you can't use Achieve3000, FOCUS, or ThinkCentral at home because you don't have internet access? Well, many internet service providers (Verizon (DSL all areas or FIOS available in limited areas), Optimum, DirecTV, Comcast, etc.) are all offering deals to get your business.

Also, the East Orange Public Library provides free internet access for you and your child.

Ask your child how he/she uses online resources in school each day. They have IDs and passwords to access Achieve3000 and ThinkCentral. Parents can access FOCUS School Portal (grades, etc.) by requesting a password. Call the Dionne Warwick Institute main office at (973) 266-5930 and ask about how you can get your personal FOCUS ID.
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